Monday, October 15, 2007

Umbrellas and Rain, University of Tennessee at Knoxville--the Genocide Awareness Project, September, 2007

Gary and Larry, (above) our truck/security car drivers and materials handlers (and all around good friends) are decked out for the torrential downpowers of rain that we experienced this particular day at UT-K.

It's hardly possible to get good photos in a toad-strangling rain. Hence, this scene above seems dry. But I like umbrellas.

Another umbrella in this photo above , but she is holding our brochure that someone gave her.

She may be hard to see, but the parka clad figure moving to the left and just about to vanish behind the greenery, toppled over four of our warning signs as she passed.

It rained nearly the whole day, and here at about 4: p.m. the display is down and ready to haul uphill to be loaded onto the truck. Note that the two sets of UT-K photos that follow are in backwards time sequence--meaning that they represent events that occurred prior to each preceding set.

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