Friday, May 29, 2015

Some of What I Noticed Today at the Asheville Planned Parenthood Killing Center

Their tags say, "Health Center Greeter."
Bird of the week. (Click on any image to enlarge.)
She cooperated by posing for the camera.
JoAnn said this truck reminded her of Africa, where she lived for many years.
What this is all about: babies.  (Through the window, across the road.)
A greeter greeting.
Another greeter greeting. (Odd that they both took pictures at the same time, or, I have no idea why.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Xxxxxxxx Facebook Group

What follows are the suggestions for and jokes about violence and other kinds of assaults against me that were posted by members on the May 15, 2015 thread of the Facebook group Xxxxxxxxx.  I also include a comment from a poster who offers his intention to ruin my life.  I made a copy of the entire 110 or so pages, images and all, and am considering posting them all here on my blog, including the vile, degrading memes that illegally use my pictures. Like everything on this blog, it’s part of the story. The Xxxxxxxx thread and all its postings are available to friends who privately request a file of them.

l Throw eggs and tomatoes at him.

l Hit with a brick.

l Punch in the throat.

l Punch in the “dick.”

l "Fuck" (as a verb).

l Get a monkey that throws feces.

l Euthanize.

l Burn alive. (This comment may have been removed, but it was mentioned.)

l “Kick in the nuts.” (The writer of this comment went on about the subject at length, and others offered to fund her legal expenses. Another poster composed a picture of a woman kicking me in the groin.)

l Kick his wife “in the vagina.”

l “Deck him in the face and break his camera.”

l “Put him in a half-nelson and pull his ears until he pukes.”

l Give him a helicopter whirl.

l Aim a large mirror so the sun goes in his eyes.

l Give people like that “what they deserve.”

l “Accidentally” drive on the sidewalk, that is, hit him with a car.

l Moon him.

l “Stand outside his house filming his comings and goings and those of his family too.”

l Spray with a spray bottle for cats.

l Point a laser pointer into his camera lens.

l Surround him with 50 people snapping pictures to “totally freak him out.”

l Bigot bash of the old days. Straight fist and boot style. (Though the poster says he is a now peaceful man, he later says “violence is pretty effective. Trust me… it gets results… go for it… violence is kinda fun… No one is threatening anyone.”)

l “Accidentally” make him fall down and bleed.

l “Crazy how many times you hit your head when you fall down sometimes.”

l “Step 1: fill a super soaker with piss..  Step 2: drive by  Step 3: unload”

l Optional step 4 aim for the camera…”

l “step 5: Don’t get caught.”

l Take pictures of him getting a colonoscopy or a prostate check.

l Dress in lab coats and chase him.

l “Do some counterintelligence and infiltrate.”

l Send packages to his PO Box with “that jack n the box explosion thing, but with that stinky “skunk” spray all over it…-don’t let him know where the shit is coming from.  Just fuck with his head I say.”

l “Someone should’ve considered having HIM ‘taken care of' when they (his mother) were preggo this dude.”

l Follow him home, where I will then continue to take pictures.”  (Stalking.)

l “god damn I would love that asshole to target me with his camera.”

l “Dig a little deeper into his privacy.”

l “…I’m more interested in ruining this dude’s life than changing his mind right now… And probably forever.”

l “All we'd have to do is surround him holding hands like "red rover red rover" and talk at him, sing at him, tell fucked up raunchy jokes, etc. Block his camera shots.”

l “Every nanosecond this jackass spends in public I'm determined to shame him for.”

l Maybe he should experience the true joy of a Pap smear...

l “Mick should be reincarnated as a skin tag on a hookers taint. This way all he sees are balls slapping him in the face for the rest of his days.”

l “I heard a hard fist helps in situations such as this.”

l “I wonder if I would be in my legal rights to give him a good soaking with a bucket of water…  They'd have to catch me first.”

l “like the PD is going to be sending out the dogs from a water bucket assault lol ... You're safe.”

l “Bruce was kicked off - I don't think he can re-join.” (Apparently for more direct threats of violence.}

l “Do you really think it's appropriate to meet peaceful protesting with violence?” The “kick in the groin” poster said, “yes.”

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photos: What Planned Parenthood Does to Prenatal Children

Face in Scream
Baby in Blood Pool
Eight Weeks, Ribs
The above photos are from The Center for Bioethical Reform, which condemns all abortion related violence.  These are not "pro-life" or antiabortion photos. They're the abortionist's.  If you're "pro-choice" and go to CBR's website, be sure to watch the video.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"...there are lots of folks in AVL who want to see you injured, or even worse."

The full text of the indirect, but definite threat of violence that was made against me through an anonymous comment posted to my blog last Sunday is:
You are a sad,pathetic excuse for a Christian. Jesus was against persecution, and your refusal to act towards the world in a loving way is earning you a seat in hell.
Also, you should know - there are lots of folks in AVL who want to see you injured, or even worse. Might wanna watch your back.
As for Casey Blake's article that I've posted below, her attitude is apparent. At the first pass of reading paragraph one, I didn't even recognize myself--I thought she was talking about someone else because I'm not photographing "anyone coming and going." Rather, I'm taking pictures of anything that's interesting, and of abortion site workers and escorts, and of people who yell at us. Couples coming for abortion happen to be an important part of the story--I'm not out to ID them or shame them, it's just people need to see this--what it's like outside a killing center. I'm usually not even thinking about taking pictures of people coming for abortion.

Now, what can she mean by "voyeur-style" photography?  No doubt she is suggesting there is some perverse sexual thing going on in my picture taking, which itself is sick and perverse.

Even an electrician?  If she had spent a little time with my blog, she would have noticed I take pictures of everything that interests me, even a hawk. Why didn't she remark on the conversation I had with the electrician?  On that particular day, I tried to get a picture of a blue jay that was attacking something under the eaves of the Planned Parenthood building. Unfortunately, he was hard to catch.

Thoughts on killing children?  Of course, she puts the "killing children" words in quotes, because to her abortion probably isn't killing children, but then she doesn't mention that they are not my thoughts, leaving it open that I'm thinking about killing children.  The article doesn't even mention abortion.  It's sloppy, careless writing that shows disrespect for the person she is writing about.  She didn't put "voyeur style" in quotes.

Speculation on an an unzipped backpack?  There was no speculation written, but only noticing. Why?  Because I've been running around with a stuffed, multi-pocketed, compartmental school/business backpack for the past four months, and sometimes I don't get all the pockets zipped.  It takes time and sometimes I'm in a hurry.  So, I'm not the only one.

Lastly, she doesn't take the trouble to link to my blog so that readers may learn more and possibly form their own opinion, but she does link to Planned Parenthood's Facebook page so readers may share the love about the "unusual bright spot for pro'choice progress in the South."

So, nothing but negatives, soft boos, and inaccuracy for the pro-life guy, and nothing but warm hugs for the largest killer of pre-natal children in the world.

When I contacted the AC-T about the threat, they weren't much interested.

#AvlNews: Planned Parenthood posts, Strive not to Drive

[Note: Written by Casey Blake, this article, which included a little section on bicycling, appeared in the Asheville Citizen-Times on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  See my few comments of response above.]

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Planned Parenthood posts

Several threads on Facebook and Reddit last week have popped up after a user posted photos of a man using a long-lens camera outside the new Planned Parenthood clinic, photographing anyone coming and going then posting the photos to a pro-life blog.

One post on the West Asheville Exchange Facebook page drew more than 650 comments, with members calling the photography harassment and organizing counter protests to the voyeur-style photography.

The pro-life blog, run by Meredith Eugene Hunt, includes strings of photos of volunteers, unidentified women and even an electrician working on wiring. The captions include extensive commentary, ranging from the author's thoughts on "killing children" to speculation over why a volunteer's backpack might be partially unzipped.

The national Planned Parenthood Federation has given the Asheville clinic, which celebrated its opening last week, including an appearance by Planned Parenthood president and pro-choice advocate Cecile Richards, a lot of social media love as well, hailing the opening as an unusual bright spot for pro-choice progress in the South.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Echo Tourism, Mt. St. Helens Anniversary

The houses behind the "Femcare" site. They used to be dumpy, run down little places, but they've been fixed up with nice woodwork trim, cool colors, and cedar shakes.
Strawberries in the landscape in front of the neighboring yoga center. The center's owner bought the "Femcare" building at well below the tax appraisal value.  The property of the center once belonged to the abortionist Lorraine Cummings who worked under the name "Orange Street Properties."
Morning fog and light. Click on any image to enlarge.
A very different view from what we had from the sidewalk for the past few decades. Since I moved to Asheville, we've seen three abortion sites closed and torn down or gutted, and another one closed. Today is the 35th anniversary of the big Mount Saint Helens explosion. Just as in geologic time active volcanoes like Saint Helens will soon erupt again, its only a matter of time before the new Planned Parenthood abortion site will close and fall into decay or be remade into something else. As Winston Churchill wrote, "...though the mills of God grind slowly, they grind exceeding small."

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Just Another Baby Killing (Abortion) Day at Asheville Planned Parenthood

I asked this Grigg electrician, who was working on the wiring for lighting the PP sign in front, "How do you feel about working for a place that kills children?"  He said, "First of all, I don't have a choice about where I work, and next, I'm working to feed my own children. That's all I have to say."
Click on any photo to enlarge.  All of them are from Friday, May 15.
The new, black Honda CRV has a temporary South Carolina tag, just like the new, black Cadillac Escalade did when it first arrived.  The number on the Honda is only a few hundred from the number on the Caddy.
The driver of this Audi roared, "Fxxx You!" out his window as he flew by.  My wife (lower right corner) is sitting on a chair and holding a sign that says "Abortion HURTS Women."  Many more people say "Thank you" or give a thumbs up than those who curse us.
This person parked in back, appearing to be a late arriving employee. Then she slipped (more or less in her clunky shoes) around the hidden side of the building. Her backpack is not completely zipped, which I find interesting.
Maybe a broad wing hawk, soaring high overhead.
The escorts are quite cozy and companionable as she writes her report on the morning, which isn't over yet. The new PP pink vests are eye-catching.
Planned Parenthood called the police, again, for no good purpose, other than to try to intimidate us. Two officers arrived in the car. The male officer said Planned Parenthood said we were trespassing on their parking lot.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monday, They Called Their Press Event a Rally

Click on photos to enlarge.

The speaker at the podium in the first two photos is Caitlin Owen, manager at the local PP killing center.  Frank Kracher of WLOS-TV news, the ABC affiliate is on the right of the second photo, in the white shirt.  You can see us to the left in this photo, in the background.  In photo #4 Clare, a college student, is being interviewed by Fox 21 news. Photo #5 shows one of the abortion guys talking with our people.  I overheard him say something like, "I went to Catholic school and I'm was glad to leave because I didn't have to be around people like you." Photo #6 shows his face, which seems to explain a lot. The last picture is of the back of the wall facing Frank Kracher who is about to begin a live broadcast for his station's 6:PM news program. I took this picture and then stood behind them holding high one of our "Abortion KILLS Children" signs, which got a live close up shot and commentary.

Note that the supposed quote about McCrory's promise contains a lie. The question that he answered actually asked “If you are elected governor, what further restrictions on abortion would you agree to sign?”  The words, "agree to" were left out.  He could sign protections for pre-natal children without agreeing to sign them.

Friday, May 1, 2015

In Business, Friday

The escort is determined to show she's not afraid to have a photo made. 
Click to enlarge the photos.
Workman.  Add the the company "Harrison" to the boycott list.
This Lincoln Navigator was here before.  Maybe it's the abortionist's.
A male escort inside.  Supposedly he's won some local awards.
A couple going inside, maybe for abortion.  He went in first.