Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"...there are lots of folks in AVL who want to see you injured, or even worse."

The full text of the indirect, but definite threat of violence that was made against me through an anonymous comment posted to my blog last Sunday is:
You are a sad,pathetic excuse for a Christian. Jesus was against persecution, and your refusal to act towards the world in a loving way is earning you a seat in hell.
Also, you should know - there are lots of folks in AVL who want to see you injured, or even worse. Might wanna watch your back.
As for Casey Blake's article that I've posted below, her attitude is apparent. At the first pass of reading paragraph one, I didn't even recognize myself--I thought she was talking about someone else because I'm not photographing "anyone coming and going." Rather, I'm taking pictures of anything that's interesting, and of abortion site workers and escorts, and of people who yell at us. Couples coming for abortion happen to be an important part of the story--I'm not out to ID them or shame them, it's just people need to see this--what it's like outside a killing center. I'm usually not even thinking about taking pictures of people coming for abortion.

Now, what can she mean by "voyeur-style" photography?  No doubt she is suggesting there is some perverse sexual thing going on in my picture taking, which itself is sick and perverse.

Even an electrician?  If she had spent a little time with my blog, she would have noticed I take pictures of everything that interests me, even a hawk. Why didn't she remark on the conversation I had with the electrician?  On that particular day, I tried to get a picture of a blue jay that was attacking something under the eaves of the Planned Parenthood building. Unfortunately, he was hard to catch.

Thoughts on killing children?  Of course, she puts the "killing children" words in quotes, because to her abortion probably isn't killing children, but then she doesn't mention that they are not my thoughts, leaving it open that I'm thinking about killing children.  The article doesn't even mention abortion.  It's sloppy, careless writing that shows disrespect for the person she is writing about.  She didn't put "voyeur style" in quotes.

Speculation on an an unzipped backpack?  There was no speculation written, but only noticing. Why?  Because I've been running around with a stuffed, multi-pocketed, compartmental school/business backpack for the past four months, and sometimes I don't get all the pockets zipped.  It takes time and sometimes I'm in a hurry.  So, I'm not the only one.

Lastly, she doesn't take the trouble to link to my blog so that readers may learn more and possibly form their own opinion, but she does link to Planned Parenthood's Facebook page so readers may share the love about the "unusual bright spot for pro'choice progress in the South."

So, nothing but negatives, soft boos, and inaccuracy for the pro-life guy, and nothing but warm hugs for the largest killer of pre-natal children in the world.

When I contacted the AC-T about the threat, they weren't much interested.

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In case anyone is interested, I posted all of the comments sent to my blog. Considering the number of comments at the WAX West Asheville Exchange FB page, there weren't many sent.