Thursday, November 8, 2007

Special Photos Related to the Genocide Awareness Project at Temple University in Philadelphia, October 2007

Philadelphia City Hall--548' high. I took this photo hanging out of Sage's truck on Thursday, November 1, the day after we finished GAP. Since our plane left late, we had time to visit the Historic District.

This is a strong showing of our team, some of whom were members of Generation Life.

Despite the high population in front of the display, there was still space for quiet talk.

Some of the GAP workers drew crowds, others made a more personal contact.

A Few Crowd Scenes at the Anti-abortion Genocide Awareness Project at Temple University in Philadelphia, October 2007

The man gesturing is the Rev. Childress of LEARN
(Life Education and Resource Network) that maintains .

A panorama of the display.

The central figure is none other than Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue. Terry engaged in lively debate with a crowd in front of the GAP display. He has a conference/rally planned in Philadelphia for the Thanksgiving holiday.

During class changes, students carpeted the sidewalks all around the GAP display.

Another view of the passing and pausing people in front of the GAP display near the Bell Tower on the Temple campus.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pro-Abortion/Choice Protestors of the Genocide Awareness Project at Temple University, October 2007

This guy Above got himself up as a white "Jesus" for Halloween. His sign taunts meanly, "May the fetus you save be gay."

This female jester probably wasn't actually protesting, just passing by the display.

The Coathanger Myth platoon.

One of their cheers: "Their pictures are shocking, they've got us flocking here to say, this sexist bullsh--t is not Okay." Though, I am not sure it was "flocking" but maybe another F word.

Pro-death cheerleaders with the Genocide Awareness Project in the background. Some of the pink people handed out pink flyers that said, “Attention Students: Please ignore the LARGE signs clogging up our campus. It’s easier to avoid the propaganda and just continue on to class. Thank you. -Temple University Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance” which basically meant "Move along, move along." How condescending!