Thursday, April 2, 2009

GAP at the University of North Florida, March 25 & 26, 2009

Large images of aborted children are out of focus in the distance behind this budding spring rose on the campus of the University of North Florida. Scroll down to see and read more.

University of North Florida

A view from a next door building. Here we used a canopy at a GAP for the first time.

Dr. Fletcher Armstrong of the Center for Bioethical Reform spoke to a Media Literacy class the professor of which brought out to observe and write about the display.

This skateboarder took immense interest. When I was talking with a graduate biology student at length and a couple other young men, this girl approached and interupted to say that we needed a woman's perspective. We invited her to join us, but she skedaddled. The biology student said his grandparents were Holocaust survivors who knew Jacob Gens and Yitzhak Wittenberg whom I wrote about on this blog: "Resistance v. Collaboration" on August 2, 2007.

The display caught the eyes of observers, above, from a distance and those up close, below.

UNF Continued

A few nuns and their friends came out to the display for a few hours. Click on any image to make it bigger.

These two (above) were the only two abortion choicers who made their thoughts known publicly. They came out for a couple hours the second day and did not have much support from other students, as far as I could observe. Note the matching colors and shapes, signs and their holders. These ladies were very concerned about me getting their faces on film. I have wondered why that just about everywhere we go, the abortionatics fear having their pictures taken.

The abortion-choice ladies stood in front of this part of the display, which explains about everything, I guess.

The Green was a gathering place for students and a few classes. As I walked by it seemed that the professor was missing an interesting educational opportunity.

Closing Shot of UNF

This girl from an African nation and a graduate student in Communications was sympathetic to our pro-life display because of atrocities she knew of and had seen in her own land.