Monday, November 9, 2009

Another GAP at UTK, October 12 & 13, 2009

Kate, wearing the blue cap, is handing out GAP literature to students passing in front of the display.

Students writing their thoughts on the Free Speech Board that we put out. This is the first time we used this device and it worked well in engaging students in thinking about the display and giving us an opportunity to interact.

The Free Speech Board drew a crowd of those who wanted to talk and debate.

You can see Jane Bullington's hand as she speaks in the middle of a group of students. Jane is with the Center for Bioethical Reform, SE.

More GAP at UTK

Gabrielle is the president of the pro-life student group at UTK.

Students and others (above) study the Free Speech Board.

This masked pirate above was the sole "protestor." He apparently believed that the GAP display is absurd and only an (obscene) aburdity is the appropriate response.

A red-tailed hawk carrying a live squirrel landed next to the display and cried in its piercing voice, receiving everyone's attention.