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God Made All Peoples

by M.E. Hunt

Taking our “Choice” signs to Berea College on Friday, November 8 was a homecoming for me.  

When Fletcher Armstrong of CBR told me about the GAPs planned for Northern KY University, Eastern KY University, and the University of KY, it seemed natural to go to nearby Berea on the extra in between day.   That weekend, quite literally was Homecoming at Berea.  Since my youngest son is now a student there, my wife and I, both of us alums, have special impetus to becoming involved in the college again.

Years ago when I was a Berea student, I attended a convocation at which the speaker spoke on abortion as a silent holocaust, and that presentation, I’m sure, was a factor in leading me into full-time pro-life work.  My son said that the college, having become far more liberal since then, would never have such a speaker now.   Not that they would boast of it, but the Berea graduate, Dr. Willie J. Parker (class of 1986) is an outspoken abortion advocate and practicing late term abortionist.   He’s been the “medical director” of Planned Parenthood in Washington, DC and he is the 2013 winner of the “2013 George Tiller, MD, Abortion Provider Award” whatever that is.  Parker is not only an abortionist but is a “Christian,” he says.  He explained last year (May 27) in the New Jersey Star Register,

“In listening to a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King, I came to a deeper understanding of my spirituality, which places a higher value on compassion. King said what made the good Samaritan “good” is that instead of focusing on would happen to him by stopping to help the traveler, he was more concerned about what would happen to the traveler if he didn’t stop to help.  I became more concerned about what would happen to these women if I, as an obstetrician, did not help them.”

Parker doesn’t seem to notice that in the Good Samaritan story, he’s the violent robber who leaves the traveler in the ditch, naked, and bleeding.

Berea College, too, projects a skewed, incomplete perspective on certain aspects of Christianity.  When college president Roelofs learned of our intention to bring Choice signs for students to see them as they crossed the highway that intersects the campus, he sent out a campus-wide e-mail.   In the e-mail he wrote these words:

“In 2003, our community (persons from Berea College, the City of Berea, local churches, and others) developed the following statement expressing our collective commitment to “love over hate,” and it seems appropriate to revisit this thinking:

“For God so loved the world .. . that’s all of us!  United and Diverse.  We believe all people have been created in the image of God and are loved by God.  We believe this divine origin and love invests each person with an inherent dignity and worth that should be respected and cherished.  We believe God’s love toward us is not dependent upon our condition or actions.  God loves all because God is love.”

It seems clear from the rest of the letter that Berea College does not include children before birth in the human family.  That they are not created in the image of God, are not loved by God, do not have inherent dignity and worth that should be respected and cherished.  That love for pre-natal children is dependent on conditions.

Or maybe they weren’t thinking about abortion at all when they composed their statement.  Perhaps they should have been.  But that’s why we brought the images and printed arguments to Berea.

During our GAP tour I led a short devotional with the team each morning.  Before Berea, my text was (from Philippians 4) “Let your gentleness be known to all.  The Lord is near.”

The students who passed us were respectful.  True, a couple female professor types stood back out of brochure range as they waited for the light to change, but by in large everyone else was either friendly or receptive to our presence.  We handed out so many brochures, the one titled “Unmasking Choice”.  A black student asked one of our people, “Is this a religious organization?”  The answer essentially was no.  “That’s why your arguments are so cogent!” he said with enthusiasm and waving one of the brochures.  Whether or not CBR is religious, we primarily make secular and scientific arguments as to why abortion is wrong.

Passersby, that is, drivers in vehicles often responded, and most expressions indicated strong support.   Berea is a liberal college in the middle of a rural, conservative region, and you could see that clearly.  A few people pulled over to get out and make a comment, or people just gave a thumbs up or called out encouragement.   A few didn’t know if we were for abortion or against it, but it’s hard to imagine how anyone could think  people who supported the choice to abort a child would show pictures of that dead child.  But some people get confused that way.  Innocent unsophistication, I guess.

We also had the Choice Truck driving up and down the road for most of the four hours we were there.  A U.S. Marine Corps medical corpsman in dress uniform and at Berea for homecoming stopped to talk and thank us.  I spent a good amount of time talking with the director of campus safety.  He was my age and had had long experience as a police chief and with security for governmental leaders.

The editor of the student newspaper, the Pinnacle came by for a while.  He wrote an editorial that favorably compared our use of graphic imagery with a similar approach for issues important to him, such as war and mountain top removal in coal mining.  He did however say that our “protest” was not much newsworthy.  “I didn’t see anything particularly timely or gripping about this demonstration,” he wrote.  “Did this particular group break any new information about abortion?  No they did not.”

Probably he’s right.  But it’s a sad state of affairs when the aborting of children in the womb is so customary, routine, and “old” that it can’t be news.   We are in a sorry condition when cogent arguments against the ongoing legal killing of children don't break any new information.

In the instance of us bringing the graphic images to Berea College, we were the true reporters and journalists.  We were the media, the “guardian of the student’s right to know”, the byline of the Pinnacle.  This information about abortion was new to most of those students. We brought that missing convocation out on the sidewalk, and hopefully some student will make a decision for life for her baby, or will someday become a prolife activist, or won’t become another misguided Dr. Willie J. Jackson.  By advocating for children in the womb, we represent a missing element in the fulfillment of Berea’s motto, taken from the Bible, “God made of one blood all peoples of the earth.”

Let’s go back again soon.

Read another account of this project HERE.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 2013

Dear Girls on the Run Contact,

Girls on the Run is a non-profit running program for girls.  It’s an international effort based in Charlotte and active in western North Carolina.  Its website lists your school as a program site.

On Thursday, September 5 this year, a radical pro-abortion-choice “doula” organization hosted a fundraiser for “Femcare,” an abortion business on Orange Street in Asheville. The fundraiser, called “Labor By Choice,” was held at Asheville Pizza and Brewing’s “Millroom” on Ashland Avenue.  The host group’s name is the Open Umbrella Collective.  Femcare made news in August when it was temporarily closed by the NC Department of Health and Human Services for more than 20 health and safety violations.  Femcare’s website says “Surgical abortions are provided until the 12th week of pregnancy (. . . from the first day of the last menstrual period)”, which would be approximately the 10th week of a baby’s life.

Amy Renigar is the Executive Director of Girls on the Run of Western North Carolina.  To the left [above] is a photograph of her attending the “Labor By Choice” fundraiser for Femcare. 

A number of political figures also attended the fundraiser, including Patsy Keever, Cecil Bothwell, Gordon Smith, and Susan Fisher.

Anna Pfaff, shown to the right, a member of the Board of Directors of Girls on the Run, lists herself at Linkedin as a Health Care Professional.  Her listing also says that she currently is a “Full Spectrum Doula at Open Umbrella Collective”, the radical group that hosted the fundraiser for the abortion business.

Included with this mailing is a photo of a baby aborted at 10 weeks, which is within the age range of the children killed at Femcare.

Do you want people who directly give public support for abortion running a program that plays such an important role in the lives of young girls, the students in your care?

Meredith Eugene Hunt
Life Advocates
PO Box 19205
Asheville, NC   28815   828-575-7300  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Short Story: Demon Dragonfly

      The slave Mao Ping picked himself up from the street and dusted off his elegant embroidered robe.  His cowardly porter peeked from behind a vendor stall, stumbled out to him, and bent over to reclaim the brown, cloth-wrapped package. 
      Happily, Mao Ping thought, the mysterious package did not appear damaged. It might be the open umbrella of a princess, but was heavier, as he had noticed earlier when they collected it at the wood carver’s shop.
      Mao Ping took a last forlorn look at a nearby squat, square building inside a bamboo barricade and pushed on through the crowd, his porter creeping behind him lugging the cumbersome parcel...

Demon Dragonfly (2300 words) is available for publication.


Bully Number 121

Above is the photo posted at "Voice of Choice" with my recent listing as being a BULLY.  They included my home address and phone number with a map showing the location of our house.
From their website:

"The people listed on this site have been known to picket clinics and harass clinic workers, doctors and patients. They have no regard for the privacy or safety of those who are making legal medical decisions, or the workers who are helping them exercise that right. They prey on the culture of fear and stigma that surrounds abortion and are not used to people standing up to their bullying and intimidation. We are here to show them that the pro-choice community will not stand idly by and bow to their anti-choice agenda.

"Voice of Choice works to temper the rhetoric and the hate. To meet that goal, please NEVER ARGUE with those you call, and be peaceful and calm in your demeanor. Please do not leave any voice messages. If you do not reach them please keep trying, and once you reach them please do not call again."


Just a few days ago, their description of "bullies" and statement of their mission was as shown below.  I managed to copy it before they took it down.


There are adult bullies who harass and intimidate anyone who does not agree with their exact beliefs. These bullies promote and teach:


There is nothing about the behavior of those on this map that makes the world a better place. PLEASE, help us let them know, STOP the BULLYING, STOP the HATRED

Voice of Choice works to temper the rhetoric and the hate.

I'm now considering posting here the home address, with a map, and private phone numbers of abortionist Lorraine "Lori" Cummings (Belford).  Something I have never done before.  It's what they've just done to me. What do you think?

Abortionists like Cummings should be arrested, put on trial, and locked up in jail where they will be safe.  That's treating them with respect as human beings.  It would be an act of love for a sociopathic serial killer.   But read my novel, Universal Man.  $2.97 at Barnes and Nobel.

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"You Destroyed a Miracle"

A letter to the editor of the Asheville Citizen-Times by me appeared in the September 1 issue under the title, "Says every abortion destroys a miracle."   The letter said:

   “You destroyed a miracle,” Mr. Still said…
   I’ve always been fascinated with life in miniature.  When I see an iridescent wolf spider no larger than a sesame seed, or another amazing wild creature around the house, I’ll run for the magnifying glass.
   Science recognizes that fertilization is when a unique person is created.  The biological entity that begins then is the same biological entity that’s born, the same that grows into a toddler, teen, adult, and mature older adult.   It’s only to justify abortion that the words “life,” “person,” or “human” are re-defined to exclude the prenatal human individual.   ”Prochoice” is a philosophy that requires a person to have certain characteristics before he or she has a right to live.
   Whatever the news is about North Carolina legislation or the closing or opening of “Femcare", and however biased the coverage might be, none of it changes the reality that every abortion destroys a miracle.  Not a cockroach or a parasite either, but a living human being.

Link to the letter.

Femkill Fundraiser Introduction

Friday, September 6, 2013

FemKill Fundraiser Part One

Yesterday evening, fourteen of us stood in front of the entrance of the Millroom to greet financial donors of the Asheville business that aborts prenatal children on Orange Street.
Our friends Chris and Mary Beth (holding their new baby) talking with a UNCA student, an Anthropology major.  Mary Beth said, "Keever came up to me and did the "awww old?" routine telling me of her own grand baby. I asked her how she could support this fundraiser and she said, "very easily." I told her [my daughter] was merely three months out of the womb."
Not related to a photo, but PARC, People Advocating Real Conservancy, enthusiastically supported the fundraiser.  See their Facebook Event, Femcare Fundraiser: Labor by Choice.
Here on the right is Amy Renigar, Executive Director of Girls on the Run of WNC. Their website says, "Amy Renigar joined the GOTR team in June 2012 because of her interest public health and passion for creating a world where all girls (and women) are empowered to become their best selves."  Ann Pfaff, an outspoken abortion supporter, is on their Board of Directors. This organization runs programs in elementary schools all over the region, including at Veritas Christian Academy.  Go to it's website to learn of its numerous local sponsors, many of whom would not wish to be connected with the violent deaths of prenatal children.  Groups such as Rotary Club of Asheville, Earth Fare, Diamond Brand Outdoors, and so on.

City Councilman Gordon Smith on the left.  At one point towards the end of the evening, he passed by me with an acknowledgement, "How are you, Meredith?"  I nodded.  Then he turned back and said with a grin, "You have raised so much money for them in there."  Something like that...  Money.  This got me thinking.  The people at this event were pretty committed and not likely to be influenced.  But not everyone is this way.  Many people still have a functioning conscience when it comes to abortion.   Or at least they can have a normal reaction.  When we were winding down, I took Eric and Starla with me around the block to the other side of the building...
...which is the front of Asheville Pizza and Brewing, the business that owns the Millroom, which was either rented to the Open Umbrella Collective or donated.  Asheville Pizza has an outdoor dining patio that is right next to the sidewalk and last night it was full of people eating.  We had faced the large posters of a mangled, bloody 10 week pre-born child toward the customers no more than two or three seconds before we had a diner in our face, confronting us.   None of the Femcare supporters acted like this.  People are more upset over an impediment to their appetite then they are about children being slaughtered and about a fundraiser for such atrocities in the same building in which they are filling their stomachs.  They demand that we behave decently when this horrible outrage goes on day after day, year after year.  (Out of sight, out of mind.)  But at least they react. One of the managers called the police and when an officer came we chatted a few minutes. 

I wonder how much money we could raise for Asheville Pizza and Brewing.  It  would be a new twist to "Brew and View."

Of course, notorious celebrity, Cecil Bothwell (below), whose contribution to dialog was to practically shout that one of the protestors should "repent of your self righteousness!"  I wonder if he can explain "self-righteous" in a way that doesn't include his own attitude?  This accusation dodges talking about what's really right or wrong.

Femkill Fundraiser Part Two

Pasty Keever, former member of the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners arrives at the abortion fundraiser.  She ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2012 against Patrick McHenry in the 10th District of North Carolina.  On August 17 this year Democratic activists elected her as the Number 2 person in the state party.  The Associated Press said, "Democrats are trying to get their bearings after last fall’s elections left them without control of either the executive or legislative branch for the first time in more than a century."  Notice that she is wearing pink, the Planned Parenthood color of choice.  She was one of the speakers for the event.

State Representative Susan Fisher arrives in baggy grey.  She often acted as a sort of official representative of Femcare in the media during this situation. Fisher has been associated with Planned Parenthood in Asheville for many years.  Unfortunately she usually runs unopposed for her state House seat.  Many of her constituents are African-Americans.who would not support her enthusiastic advocacy and promotion of abortion.  In the photo below  Fisher is paying to get in the door.

The lady in the pink did us the favor of introducing people who attended (to someone out of the frame).  The young gentleman in grey said he is a liaison for Democratic Senator Joe Sam Queen, who represents the North Carolina's 47 Senate District with constituents in Avery, Haywood, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell and Yancey counties, very conservative areas. When the lady said who he was, he said, "Shhhh" and then laughed a little.  You could tell he didn't want us to know who he was.  If Queen's constituents knew of his support for abortion, that could contribute to his defeat in the next election.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fearless Symmetry

By Helen Gordon
A whirl of chaos enveloped Orange Street in front of Femcare that morning: cars passing, pedestrians, utility bucket truck working overhead, a frequent opponent of our presence plopped in the middle of things, and through it all, a steady stream of mothers heading up the driveway.  One car stops as I approach, the father calm and quiet behind the wheel, the mother quietly distraught beside him. Their tender hearts show on their faces, in their eyes. I speak and question gently, but bluntly, about the reality of what they have come to do. So much time goes by with them frozen in the driveway, Lillian vigilant at the corner where they entered and a steady barrage of prayers from a young trio of siblings ascending through the chaos of street and sidewalk.
Finally, the father agrees to back out of the driveway and into the parking lot immediately next door.
I retreat from the side of their car to let them talk and, I hope, pray. Soon, our gentle Annie Lee walks up holding her signature rose, a white one this morning, a gift for the mothers that is rarely given away. She greets them at their car window to speak in their native tongue, Spanish. For a long time, Annie Lee listens and talks, but returns to us still holding her rose. "The mother is so upset, so afraid," she says. Then Sharon makes her regular appearance on the sidewalk. She, too, approaches their car speaking to them in her passionate Spanish.
Our prayer continues. The chaos continues in the street, on the sidewalk, as other mothers arrive with their babies scheduled to die.
A young woman exits Femcare and walks deliberately down the parking lot through our midst and up to the car in the neighboring lot with the mother and father still conversing with Sharon. She interrupts briefly, speaking to the mother in Spanish, and then retreats the way she came and reenters Femcare. Sharon calls to us that she has warned the mother that her situation is very dangerous. Without thinking, I ask Sharon to tell them we shall take them to the doctor. And now I pray ardently as I call his office that he will be there. Keen attention and enthusiasm are the response of those who answer my call and put me on hold to speak to the doctor. A flood of gratitude washes over me as I ready my car to lead them - this doctor and his staff always have hands and hearts ready to help, but how rare it is to find this same understanding of this life and death emergency when entreating others for help.
They follow closely (the mother clutching Annie Lee's white rose, as I learned later) as Sharon and I lead them to the doctor's office. We leave Femcare far behind and my thumping heart begins to still.
A quiet, warm welcome greets us at the reception desk and we are seated—what a sweet refuge in that little waiting room! Our troubled mother turns to me. She is showing me pictures on her phone of their other children. She is smiling and calm, her true self.  Fear has left her.
Very soon our mother and father are with the dear doctor. Sharon and I sit, joyous, grateful, exhausted. The nurse comes to assure us that all is well. As we stand and wait to leave, the father comes out into the corridor. He looks into my eyes and very firmly states, "I knew she would not do it. I knew when we got to that place there would be someone outside to help." My heart was pierced by his look, his words, his presence. I could say nothing, only blink back tears.
The battle had raged mightily all morning in the chaos of that place. And there had been victory for one tiny baby, and mother, and father, and four brothers and sisters through the merciful hand of God present in Lillian, and Annie Lee, and Sharon, and our trio of valiant young pray-ers, and in our utility workmen who had very kindly and wisely tightened the bolts of the overhead wires they were taking down so as to keep us safe. They knew we had to be present. One of them had said with a smile, "It won't work very well for you to be across the street, will it?" He knew we had to be close at hand.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Glads at the Yoga Center, next door to the abortion place.  The land here once belonged to the abortionist, through the dba, Orange Street Properties.

Femcare. A sad, sorry person.

This person is a frequent escort at the killing center.  He also stood in front of our "ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN" banner, blocking it at the Mountain Moral Monday event.  Here he is pulling a few weeds at the abortion grounds.  I have to wonder, what is motivating him?  Exactly what is in his mind as he helps this place that kills small human beings?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mountain Moral (Manure) Monday

Narrative, as promised...

August 5, 2013

When we got into downtown Asheville proper I immediately knew the Mountain Moral Monday would be bigger than had I expected.  People carrying signs were walking blocks to the location from their remote parking spaces.  We parked across from the abortion place on Orange Street.   It was just two of us, my wife and I, and we had to carry poles, signs, a banner, and a taller than life puppet, who was draped in a garbage bag.  A lot of stuff and we had six blocks to walk.

Four different groups of people offered to help us carry our material.  I’m not really sure how I should have responded, but in each case I told the people they really didn’t want to help us.  The first group was a family of three on Orange Street—Dad, Mom, and Junior.   Dad was all gung ho and said, “We believe in a good cause.”  I read him as a being a typical "liberal"—sort of generous, but ready to turn hostile in a moment.   When we told him we were “the opposition” he backpedaled quickly and the three of them hustled off, with him saying, “We’re different.”   

With the next guy who offered to help, I tried a different approach.   I said, “I need to ask you some questions first.  Are you prolife?”

“If you mean do I think abortion should be illegal, then no, I’m not.”

“When does human life begin?” I asked.

Whenever the parents say it does.

“Even if that’s five years old?”

“How often does that happen?”

“Biologically, an individual human life begins at fertilization.”

At this point the guy became angry and said, “It begins when the parents say it does. You know, I’m sick and tired of the right wing bxll shxt and I’m not going to debate with you.”

How often does it happen?  Parents murder their born children all the time, but that would be fine with this guy.  It was shocking how he could explode so dramatically after being all friendly.  And he gave me no credit for doing him a favor, from his point of view, by warning him of the horrible mistake he was a about to make.

When we arrived at the site I quickly saw how we couldn’t set up our 20 foot banner in the place I had scouted out a few days earlier, on a tier in view of the podium.  Too many people around.  We moved off to the side and higher.    I got out my puppet and it didn’t take long before some young women surrounded me with their little signs about “women’s health”.  The Shrunke family with three of their teens arrived from Morganton to help.  We got the banner up, then some pro-abortion choice folks took positions in front to block people from seeing it.   The puppet was much taller, so I decided to make it our focal point.  A lot of people took pictures of him.

One woman said, “You know it’s proven (according to a recent article in The Economist) that thousands of women a year die in Latin American countries because of illegal abortion.”  I said, “Even if that’s true, it doesn’t support abandoning legal protection for prenatal children.”  She then went on to talk about how women are not protected and supported, etc.  I mentioned the breakdown of the family and was about to talk about how liberals like those in Planned Parenthood have undermined marriage when she interrupted with “Are you married?  Are you married?”

I wanted to finish my thought and when she kept insisting that I answer her question, I referred to her interrupting me.  She said angrily, “It’s because you’re not making any ‘effing’ sense.”

I said, “Okay” and turned away.  The conversation was over as far as I was concerned.  I wonder though, where she was headed with the marriage question. It’s just that I refuse to make the conversation about me.   My personal marital status, sex, race, age etc. are completely irrelevant to the issue of abortion.

As I walked around, some of the young women followed me. This was annoying and eventually I took a loop through the crowd to look for a better place for the banner and find some police officers.   One of the girls followed.  I had already asked her not to follow me and claimed she was stalking me.   When I approached a group of officers, I asked one to ask the girl to stop it. She had passed the group and pretended to be on other business, but I pointed her out.  Eventually an officer asked her to not follow me and she complied.  

From there I moved to a different street corner.  One guy with a bicycle started asking questions.   He brought out the usual ad hominems and non sequiturs.   His main point seemed to be that I was a hypocrite.  (They always want to make the debate personal, as if the whole issue of abortion depends upon their perception of my apparent virtue.  If I am pure according to their values, then abortion really kills a baby and they will suddenly become pro-life.   Well, not really. Actually that approach is nothing but a ruse to fool themselves that they have a legitimate point.)

The fact of the matter is that I beat him soundly in debate. (You'll have to take my word for it.)  No surprise, since I happen to hold to the truth and have been doing this for years.   Whenever he got pinned, he changed the subject until he had nothing to say but, “You’re brainwashed” as a parting shot.

I went close to the front, on the side. It was a mob scene for awhile.  I was surrounded by angry people who all seemed to want to talk at once.  All of them offered slogans in the form of rhetorical questions, some they had just heard from the podium.   One old man asked me about cutting unemployment, or something.  I told him that he should go home and research the issue and study both sides.  He said, "Oh, okay," like that was a new idea for him. Four or five large black men (NAACP, no doubt) got chest to chest with me (or, should I say, belly to belly) and tried to gently force me to the edge.  When I suggested that they ask a policeman to get involved, they backed down.  Next, a person tried to hide the Femcare puppet behind an U.S. flag on a pole and someone else, a rainbow flag.  Both flags were hitting me in the face and I said, mildly, "That's battery.  If that flag hits me in the face again, I might give it a little yank."  One of the black guys asked me, "Are you threatening somebody?"  When I said no, but the flags were in my face, he persuaded them to move away from me.

At this point it was time to go.  As I walked back up to where the banner was located, “cigar man” approached.    As in other recent occasions, he had the stub of a cigar clamped in his teeth which he exhibited in a wild looking, abandoned grin.   He grinned like he had just somehow achieved some incredibly brilliant maneuver against me.  He said in his high pitched voice, “You know, Meredith, I called the DA’s office and told them that you had written down my license plate and a description of my car.  Do you want my address?  I’ll give you my address if you want it.”

I didn’t say a word.  I just looked at him, taking in the disturbing spectacle of a demented mad man, who quite possibly is under demonic influence.   This is the fellow I wrote about earlier who is obsessed with wondering if “one of our friends” will kill him.  I certainly wasn’t going to remind him of what he surely should have known—that I had been taking note of his info for a police dispatcher, who I had live on the phone.  I said at the time that he was following me, which he was.  It was Saturday morning, August 3, and he insisted on standing inches from us with his silly sign, and then when I moved away from him, he insisted on following us across the street.  When I said, “I’m calling the police” he said, “Call the police.”   But I’m not sure that he even was aware that when I called the police he quickly went to his truck to drive away.  Then when the police asked me for his identifying information and I trotted up to his car to read the plate, he stopped in the middle of the road and got out to tell me the license number and that his Toyota was green, all of which I could see for myself right there. 

As I said, his wickedness quite apart, what’s most disturbing about this man is his up-close-and-personal infliction on us of his profound stupidity.  And then, at the Mountain Moral Monday, he crossed the road to remind me again, with his crazy grin that he had called the DA to tell him I made note of his license plate number, so that if something happened to him, the DA would know “who was responsible.”   And as before, I said nothing, but thinking how foolish he was because I had been giving the police his license number!   I called the event, “Mountain Manure Monday.”  Maybe “Mountain Madness Monday” is also appropriate.

This event and the comments of people we encountered convince me again that there is something in people’s defense for abortion that is not reachable by reason.  In fact, for many it’s not reachable by anything, which leaves them open for harsh judgment as individuals, and we as a nation.
Scattered throughout the MM crowd were signs supporting Femcare.  Words endorsing abortion flowed from the podium including from Rev. Barber of the NAACP.  The close association between abortion, homosexuality and the other “issues” championed during Moral Mondays removes any credibility those other positions might have.  And from what I’ve researched on education funding, and understand how distorted the MM rhetoric is, I suspect that everything about MM is wrong.  Considering how much positive coverage MM is getting nationally, we are in for a tremendous battle for truth in North Carolina.

photo below by Eric Zetterholm

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Femcare Closed

The odd thing is, these pictures were all made on Saturday, July 20 when the place was open.  Tall weeds everywhere, including in the cracks in the pavement.  The rusty dumpster in back.  The fire extinguisher on the ground next to the smokers.  The sign post eaten up with termites.

If the outside is any indication of the inside, of the quality of care and management, the place should stay closed forever.  How many thousands of children have been aborted here?

Like a back alley.

Friday, January 18, 2013

40 Sorrowful Years

I sent this in to the Asheville Citizen-Times yesterday.
It should come out on the 21st or 22nd.

Guest Editorial by Meredith Eugene Hunt

40 years represents a mere turning of a clock—the earth moving around the sun.
      Time magazine’s January 14th cover story proclaimed, “Abortion-rights activists won an epic victory in Roe v. Wade. They've been losing ever since.”  This statement is wrong on the only scale that matters. 40 years after Roe, prenatal children are still being aborted “legally” in our country. 
      While abortion seems entrenched into our culture, in the realm of reasoned argument, the abortion-choice movement has lost the game entirely.  With the advances in observing the life of children in the womb, the work to educate university students on the true nature of abortion, and the logical arguments that demonstrate the humanity and personhood even of an embryo, abortion-choice rhetoric shows itself to be empty.  It’s strong on absurdities, non sequiturs, false history, and demonizing characterizations of pro-lifers.  If you add to our intellectual victory the network of non-profit agencies that serve women in a crisis pregnancy and confirm the compassionate heart of pro-life ideas, the defeat of the abortion choice “position” is total.
      The problems is, legal abortion isn’t dependent on sound jurisprudence or moral reasoning.  It never was.  “Pro-choice” efforts in those directions have been no more than gauze over the power to kill.  They’re an illusion to make the terrible seem less terrible—to comfort people so they can do what they want, and to mislead the desperate. 
      If so, then only a power in the opposing direction can counteract it.  I mean the power to save.  Am I talking about violence?  No.   We are entering an era for artists who communicate when people become deaf to reason, and martyrs who give themselves to saving the lives of others.
      We saw a shadow of the power to save in the Rescue Movement in the early 90’s when 34,000 people were arrested for peacefully blocking doors of abortion centers.  I see some hope now from young people who are impatient.  They’re behind personhood amendments in various states and they understand the principles of rescue, of intervening in a way that validates their belief that each abortion takes the life of a child. 
      On January 11 this year the Alabama Supreme Court recognized that “unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected by law.”  This ruling sets up yet another conflict between powers, one that someday will explode when a state refuses to back down, and instead decides to actually protect all people within its jurisdiction.
      Meanwhile, at a minimum, we need to maintain a prayerful witness outside the places where prenatal children are aborted, the same as we should if born children were being killed under the forceful shelter of government.