Monday, October 25, 2010

Urban GAP, Market Square, Knoxville TN Friday, July 16, 2010

You can see the display reflected in the window of the Tomato Head restaurant above, which by the way, held a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood a few weeks prior to our event. (Double click on a photo to make it bigger.)

A long view down the square.

Again, the display is reflected in the window.

This young man studied the display as they passed by. Several young women, not much older than this fellow, stopped to tell us that they would never abort and intended to remain virgins until marriage.

More from Urban GAP in Knoxville

Three people who stopped to talk and listen.

These bricks above, including the one from the pro-abortion NOW, were near a bronze monument of three women holding picket signs advocating woman’s rights, specifically the right to vote. You might think they were protesting us, but you would be mistaken. Attached to this monument, which was not 50 yards from our display, was a plaque bearing these words: “Thanks be to God that in giving Woman the crown of motherhood He made her the giver not the taker of life. Woman has no greater claim to the rights of the ballot than that she is the producer not a destroyer of life.”
—Lizzie Crozier French (1851-1926), founder of the Knoxville Equal Suffrage Association

Some of the flowers in the square. It was sooo hot that day.