Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Root "Gen" in Genocide

These are all the words I could find containing "gen", which should give us a fuller understanding of what "genocide" can mean.  (For more background, see my article "Abortion is a Form of Genocide.")

genetics, generation, engender, genesis, genitals, progeny, progenitors, gene, eugenics, gender, generate, genealogy, generous, genius, legend, magenta, nitrogen, octogenarian, oogeny, oxygen, pathogen, pungent, regency, smidgen, tangent, Trogen, urgent, gendarme, genre, indigenous, agency, agenda, agent, allergen, androgen, argent, agent, urgent, astringent, cogent, congenial, contingency, convergence, generate, degenerate, detergent, diligent, disingenuous, divergent, emergence, estrogen, exigent, fulgent, general, generic, genteel, gentile, gentle, gently, genuine, halogen, homogenize, hydrogen, indigent, intelligence

Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Saturday of March

CAITLIN, Asheville PP Health Care Manager.
Security cameras all around the building.
The type of vehicle an abortionist might drive.
CAITLIN said she called the police.