Friday, September 6, 2013

FemKill Fundraiser Part One

Yesterday evening, fourteen of us stood in front of the entrance of the Millroom to greet financial donors of the Asheville business that aborts prenatal children on Orange Street.
Our friends Chris and Mary Beth (holding their new baby) talking with a UNCA student, an Anthropology major.  Mary Beth said, "Keever came up to me and did the "awww old?" routine telling me of her own grand baby. I asked her how she could support this fundraiser and she said, "very easily." I told her [my daughter] was merely three months out of the womb."
Not related to a photo, but PARC, People Advocating Real Conservancy, enthusiastically supported the fundraiser.  See their Facebook Event, Femcare Fundraiser: Labor by Choice.
Here on the right is Amy Renigar, Executive Director of Girls on the Run of WNC. Their website says, "Amy Renigar joined the GOTR team in June 2012 because of her interest public health and passion for creating a world where all girls (and women) are empowered to become their best selves."  Ann Pfaff, an outspoken abortion supporter, is on their Board of Directors. This organization runs programs in elementary schools all over the region, including at Veritas Christian Academy.  Go to it's website to learn of its numerous local sponsors, many of whom would not wish to be connected with the violent deaths of prenatal children.  Groups such as Rotary Club of Asheville, Earth Fare, Diamond Brand Outdoors, and so on.

City Councilman Gordon Smith on the left.  At one point towards the end of the evening, he passed by me with an acknowledgement, "How are you, Meredith?"  I nodded.  Then he turned back and said with a grin, "You have raised so much money for them in there."  Something like that...  Money.  This got me thinking.  The people at this event were pretty committed and not likely to be influenced.  But not everyone is this way.  Many people still have a functioning conscience when it comes to abortion.   Or at least they can have a normal reaction.  When we were winding down, I took Eric and Starla with me around the block to the other side of the building...
...which is the front of Asheville Pizza and Brewing, the business that owns the Millroom, which was either rented to the Open Umbrella Collective or donated.  Asheville Pizza has an outdoor dining patio that is right next to the sidewalk and last night it was full of people eating.  We had faced the large posters of a mangled, bloody 10 week pre-born child toward the customers no more than two or three seconds before we had a diner in our face, confronting us.   None of the Femcare supporters acted like this.  People are more upset over an impediment to their appetite then they are about children being slaughtered and about a fundraiser for such atrocities in the same building in which they are filling their stomachs.  They demand that we behave decently when this horrible outrage goes on day after day, year after year.  (Out of sight, out of mind.)  But at least they react. One of the managers called the police and when an officer came we chatted a few minutes. 

I wonder how much money we could raise for Asheville Pizza and Brewing.  It  would be a new twist to "Brew and View."

Of course, notorious celebrity, Cecil Bothwell (below), whose contribution to dialog was to practically shout that one of the protestors should "repent of your self righteousness!"  I wonder if he can explain "self-righteous" in a way that doesn't include his own attitude?  This accusation dodges talking about what's really right or wrong.

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