Thursday, April 2, 2009

UNF Continued

A few nuns and their friends came out to the display for a few hours. Click on any image to make it bigger.

These two (above) were the only two abortion choicers who made their thoughts known publicly. They came out for a couple hours the second day and did not have much support from other students, as far as I could observe. Note the matching colors and shapes, signs and their holders. These ladies were very concerned about me getting their faces on film. I have wondered why that just about everywhere we go, the abortionatics fear having their pictures taken.

The abortion-choice ladies stood in front of this part of the display, which explains about everything, I guess.

The Green was a gathering place for students and a few classes. As I walked by it seemed that the professor was missing an interesting educational opportunity.


Anonymous said...

They don't want their faces in the photos because they are worried it will show up on some blog, where a fanatical anti-abortionist can see it and decide to target them for MURDER.

Meredith Eugene Hunt said...

For these fanatical pro-murder ladies to have such a worry would be called PARANOIA.