Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pro-Abortion/Choice Protestors of the Genocide Awareness Project at Temple University, October 2007

This guy Above got himself up as a white "Jesus" for Halloween. His sign taunts meanly, "May the fetus you save be gay."

This female jester probably wasn't actually protesting, just passing by the display.

The Coathanger Myth platoon.

One of their cheers: "Their pictures are shocking, they've got us flocking here to say, this sexist bullsh--t is not Okay." Though, I am not sure it was "flocking" but maybe another F word.

Pro-death cheerleaders with the Genocide Awareness Project in the background. Some of the pink people handed out pink flyers that said, “Attention Students: Please ignore the LARGE signs clogging up our campus. It’s easier to avoid the propaganda and just continue on to class. Thank you. -Temple University Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance” which basically meant "Move along, move along." How condescending!


Anonymous said...

I never gave you permission to post my picture to your site. this could constitut legal action. kay? thanx.

Meredith Eugene Hunt said...

I suggest that you consult an attorney and an English teacher. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Meredith Eugine hunt... don't you realize that you're wasting your life? There's shit going on in the world. Go learn to pick up a book. God, I'm a Republican myself, but you people make us look like backwoods idiots, totally undermining the philosophy. I can't believe people actually vote based on abortion. Open your mind, Meredith. Go out there and tackle the world. Don't sacrifice your one and only life advocating something you THINK you feel strongly about. Please, I used to be the biggest pro-lifer out there. Until I relaxed, stepped back, observed, and reacted accordingly. If there is a God, I'm sure he doesn't want you wasting time on this senseless, ambiguous, neverending culture war. Go get a job, produce something, make something of your life. now THAT's Republican.

Meredith Eugene Hunt said...

I'm not a Republican.

Deborah Rose said...

You will be taking the pictures of my organization off your blog within 24 hours. You have absolutely no written or verbal consent from me or my members. If the pictures are not down within the given time frame you will be contacted by our legal representation within our national organization. I hope this matter can be resolved without legal interference but I have no opposition to bringing to that level. If you have any questions or would like contact information for our counsel I can be reached through the outlets listed below.

Thank you and Best,

Deborah Hinchey

Deborah Hinchey
President, Temple Feminist Majority

Walter said...

As a Temple University Alumni,I am proud of your stance regarding abortion and wish you God's speed in fulfilling your cause, which I am in total solidarity with. Not only should you continue your dedication to the , Genocide , Awareness Project, but let others know how they can help. Don't listen to voices that are still trying to figure out if there is a God and go with your heart and keep up the good work. Walter Hawley Temple Class of 1974

Jess said...

As another Temple alumni, my hat is off to you for your willingness to post the truth about abortion on your blog despite the idiocy of the Temple Feminist Majority and other ignorant people. I wish any of the so-called feminists could speak with the women from the Silent No More campaign who are still suffering from the aftermath of their "choice". Good luck and keep up the good work on supporting the truth... which often makes people of lesser intelligence uncomfortable.