Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Xxxxxxxx Facebook Group

What follows are the suggestions for and jokes about violence and other kinds of assaults against me that were posted by members on the May 15, 2015 thread of the Facebook group Xxxxxxxxx.  I also include a comment from a poster who offers his intention to ruin my life.  I made a copy of the entire 110 or so pages, images and all, and am considering posting them all here on my blog, including the vile, degrading memes that illegally use my pictures. Like everything on this blog, it’s part of the story. The Xxxxxxxx thread and all its postings are available to friends who privately request a file of them.

l Throw eggs and tomatoes at him.

l Hit with a brick.

l Punch in the throat.

l Punch in the “dick.”

l "Fuck" (as a verb).

l Get a monkey that throws feces.

l Euthanize.

l Burn alive. (This comment may have been removed, but it was mentioned.)

l “Kick in the nuts.” (The writer of this comment went on about the subject at length, and others offered to fund her legal expenses. Another poster composed a picture of a woman kicking me in the groin.)

l Kick his wife “in the vagina.”

l “Deck him in the face and break his camera.”

l “Put him in a half-nelson and pull his ears until he pukes.”

l Give him a helicopter whirl.

l Aim a large mirror so the sun goes in his eyes.

l Give people like that “what they deserve.”

l “Accidentally” drive on the sidewalk, that is, hit him with a car.

l Moon him.

l “Stand outside his house filming his comings and goings and those of his family too.”

l Spray with a spray bottle for cats.

l Point a laser pointer into his camera lens.

l Surround him with 50 people snapping pictures to “totally freak him out.”

l Bigot bash of the old days. Straight fist and boot style. (Though the poster says he is a now peaceful man, he later says “violence is pretty effective. Trust me… it gets results… go for it… violence is kinda fun… No one is threatening anyone.”)

l “Accidentally” make him fall down and bleed.

l “Crazy how many times you hit your head when you fall down sometimes.”

l “Step 1: fill a super soaker with piss..  Step 2: drive by  Step 3: unload”

l Optional step 4 aim for the camera…”

l “step 5: Don’t get caught.”

l Take pictures of him getting a colonoscopy or a prostate check.

l Dress in lab coats and chase him.

l “Do some counterintelligence and infiltrate.”

l Send packages to his PO Box with “that jack n the box explosion thing, but with that stinky “skunk” spray all over it…-don’t let him know where the shit is coming from.  Just fuck with his head I say.”

l “Someone should’ve considered having HIM ‘taken care of' when they (his mother) were preggo this dude.”

l Follow him home, where I will then continue to take pictures.”  (Stalking.)

l “god damn I would love that asshole to target me with his camera.”

l “Dig a little deeper into his privacy.”

l “…I’m more interested in ruining this dude’s life than changing his mind right now… And probably forever.”

l “All we'd have to do is surround him holding hands like "red rover red rover" and talk at him, sing at him, tell fucked up raunchy jokes, etc. Block his camera shots.”

l “Every nanosecond this jackass spends in public I'm determined to shame him for.”

l Maybe he should experience the true joy of a Pap smear...

l “Mick should be reincarnated as a skin tag on a hookers taint. This way all he sees are balls slapping him in the face for the rest of his days.”

l “I heard a hard fist helps in situations such as this.”

l “I wonder if I would be in my legal rights to give him a good soaking with a bucket of water…  They'd have to catch me first.”

l “like the PD is going to be sending out the dogs from a water bucket assault lol ... You're safe.”

l “Bruce was kicked off - I don't think he can re-join.” (Apparently for more direct threats of violence.}

l “Do you really think it's appropriate to meet peaceful protesting with violence?” The “kick in the groin” poster said, “yes.”


M.H............................ said...

When someone said that people on the thread were being awful, [The Group Administrator]: wrote, "Please explain yourself. Awful how? Who is being awful?"

The someone replied, "I guess I was talking about the violent threats and the memes. I just want everyone to get along and be nice."

[The Group Administrator]: "Its a sensitive subject. I am personally deeply offended by people who stand outside clinics harassing people. Reality isn't pretty."

May 27, 2015 at 8:16 AM

M.H............................ said...

Bruce Thompson started the Xxxxxxxx Facebook thread with his photograph of me. I did a Google search of Bruce Thompson & Planned Parenthood. A Bruce Thompson is active as a financial donor to Lillian's List for NC pro-abortion candidates.

May 27, 2015 at 9:54 AM

M.H............................ said...

Hello [FB Group Administrator],
I certainly intended to keep my end of the agreement, but I remember it differently, and that it was I would remove your name. But I will go back and look at our email. I must say that those threats really have changed my life because I must be a little more cautious when I am out at Planned Parenthood. It's like it is here at home now because we have bear visitors every few days, one an aggressive mama with cubs. I'm not afraid of them, I just have to look around when I go first go outside. Take precautions, you know

M.H............................ said...

[FB Group Administrator] said...
I am surprised this is still up. We agreed if I removed content about your organization, you would remove this stuff from your blog. Yet, it's still here. I held up my side of the bargain. Please remove my name and any reference to my group from this blog.

October 4, 2015 at 1:54 AM

M.H............................ said...

To [Facebook Group Administrator]

OK. I looked back and couldn't find any e-mails. I think it's because we communicated through the FB messaging system, and it didn't or doesn't keep a record of past conversation. Anyway, I removed any specific reference to your FB group, though I preserved the content. (I'm pretty sure I hadn't agreed to take it all down--it's important to preserve the record that this thing happened. I also have turned in the most offensive comments and their authors' IDs to the Asheville Police Department and the Buncombe County Sheriff.)

I found that I had left your name in the tag-words and comments. I'm really sorry. I didn't intend to do this--it was a sloppy slipup on my part.

To any readers: The comments section sequence is all jumbled up date-wise because I tried to remove the name of the FB group and the administrator's name while keeping everything else.