Monday, October 15, 2007

GAP at UT-K, September, 2007

Looking down the walkway from the GAP display.

We have done GAP at UT-K many times, and this gentleman always yells something like, "Roe v. Wade will never change!" when he passes. But this time he didn't yell. I think he was distracted by the blonde who had asked him for directions.

This is the Planned Parenthood table next to the GAP display. You can see our barricades.

Her T-shirt says, "Protect Women's Health." I thought it ironic that she was smoking a cigarette. The PP folks often stand amidst the passing students and offer them condoms. This should be considered sexual harassment.

Jane Bullington of the Center for Bioethical Reform seems dwarfed as she holds forth with this group of UT-K students.

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