Monday, March 28, 2011

"You Are the Definition of a Sadist"

An anonymous person online wrote the following about me recently: "You are a delightful example of the doublethink/doublespeak. Do you want smaller government, less oversight, more personal responsibility or do you want more legislation, more laws, larger government to enforce your personal beliefs? Which is it? What you want is an America shaped in your image and yours alone. You do not care how contradictory it is, you do not care what the population wants, you do not care what science has proven. Just admit it and recognize that your vision of America is not the only one. Roe v. Wade is the law. If you do not like abortion, I suggest you avoid it. But, claiming you want smaller government and at the same time want to make sure every pregnancy comes to term is ridiculous. It will require a hugely increased government and budget to educate, hose, feed, provide medical and help these unwanted children, not to mention the pain, suffering, sadness, hunger, abuse and desperation they will experience because of your naivety. You are the definition of a sadist, deriving personal pleasure from cruelty imposed upon others."


M.H............................ said...

The analysis of me was in response to this comment: "If you believe conservatives hold clearly contrary positions, it’s because you do not understand (or you deliberately misrepresent) conservatism. Or you are comparing the position of one conservative to the position of another. Not everyone in the camp agrees with everyone else, nor do they express themselves in the same way.
For example: Conservatives generally believe in smaller government and less involvement in the lives of people. Conservatives also generally believe (some of them do) that abortion is the killing of a human being and that abortion should be made illegal. [Radical liberals] likely would say that these positions are contrary, and, on one rather irrelevant and superficial level they are, except that this is a gross oversimplification that some leftists will insincerely (or stupidly) employ for rhetorical purposes. Smaller government does not mean that individuals have a right to kill other individuals."

M.H............................ said...

The subject at the Asheville Citizen-Times website was the supposed hypocrisy of Republicans and conservatives. Though I do lean that way, I never said that I believed in "smaller government." Only a foolish or evil person would think it important to discuss whether killing millions of innocent people or not killing them results in larger government or smaller government.