Friday, March 25, 2011

Submitted Today as a Letter to the Editor to the Asheville Citizen-Times

French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently said:

"With our partners, especially our Arab partners, we will move to protect the civilian population from the murderous folly of a regime that, by killing its own people, has lost all legitimacy. We are intervening to allow the Libyan people to themselves choose their destiny. They cannot be deprived of their rights through violence and terror."

Our own nation is killing its own people by abortion, violence that kills pre-born children. Our government—local, state, and federal—protects the killing through police force, issues permits to kill as medical licensure, recognizes the killing to be a “constitutional right,” and supplements the funding of the largest killer in the nation, Planned Parenthood.

If Sarkozy’s moral reasoning is correct, has not our regime lost all legitimacy?


M.H............................ said...

So far, the AC-T has not printed this letter, as far as I know.

M.H............................ said...

Dale Neal, the Letters Editor at the AC-T, e-mailed me yesterday saying that they rejected my letter because it "doesn't meet our policy on incendiary statements. Tone it down and we'll be glad to take another look."