Friday, October 14, 2016

We're back after a long summer break.

Check out our new Life Advocates Asheville youtube channel that features lots of interesting High Definition videos depicting the highlights of sidewalk counseling in front of the local Planned Parenthood abortion site.  It also contains videos of other types of challenges in Asheville to the decaying, self destructing culture.
"Missing elements. The untold story. Hidden truth. The proper place for human sexuality. Beauty and complexity of small life.”


M.H............................ said...

Dr. Roelofs wrote me a respectful, but deflective letter in reply. I may write an analysis of the letter soon.

A said...

Did you know that Buncombe County NC provides abortions up to 12 weeks, only 1 week less than Asheville Planned Parenthood? Why is this flying under the radar without mention by County Commission candidates on either side??????

M.H............................ said...

This doesn't make sense. "Buncombe County, NC" can mean many things, but not an abortion facility unless you are talking about the Health Department, which without a doubt is not an abortion facility, unless you have some evidence. It would have to be registered as such and this information would be available to the public. I've never heard of any health department anywhere committing abortion. And if this were the case, it definitely would not remain under the radar.