Friday, March 4, 2016

VIDEO: Pro-Abortion Woman Flings Wooden-Framed "Let Your Baby Live! We Will Help" sign into the Highway

After she tosses the sign, I tell her I'm calling the police.  
"That's fine," she says, twice.
A Bernie Supporter.  He loves Planned Parenthood.
The sign hasn't quite hit the roadway yet.  
Lots of cars zoom by every so often.

This particular sign has been attacked THREE times in the past few months.
It survives.

                                                                                                                 Today while driving into the Asheville Planned Parenthood abortion site parking lot, a woman stopped to berate JoAnne for “forcing her beliefs on other people.” I guess by “forcing” she meant JoAnne shouldn’t express her belief that abortion is wrong, and she shouldn’t offer help so women don’t feel compelled to kill their children. I guess that the woman expressing her belief that we shouldn’t express our beliefs isn’t forcing her beliefs on us. Anyway, when that woman left the Planned Parenthood parking lot, and while JoAnne was talking with a young man who had brought his girlfriend for abortion, that same woman stopped, grabbed our “Let Your Baby Live. We Will Help!” sign and flung it into the middle of the busy highway. You can see it all on this video. So, she momentarily stole our sign, attempted to damage it, created a dangerous road hazard, and last but not least, littered. (There are fines for that.) I’ve seen her before serving as a Planned Parenthood abortion escort. I will be reporting this to the police. She’s a Bernie Sanders supporter, as you can see by her bumper stickers.
    If she hadn’t seen me running toward her, she would have put the sign in her car and driven away.  I have the original video in High Definition, 30 frames/second.

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