Tuesday, January 12, 2016

For the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade PROTEST Congressman Patrick McHenry

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 2016, 4 pm—6 pm
& Saturday, Jan. 23, 11 am—1: pm
The corners of NC 9 and US 70 (State ST)
Black Mountain, NC  28711
(Near McHenry’s office)
Please let us know if you are coming. Signs provided. Join our Facebook group.

          Over the years we’ve picketed and protested abortionists and abortion supporters of every kind. We’ve held demonstrations and exhibits for the general public. As far as I remember, this is the first time we will ever have protested against a person who identifies himself as being against legalized abortion.

          Why are we doing this?

          It has to do with what is real, and therefore carries a cost, and what is symbolic, and therefore is easy.  I have long said that to rid our nation of the legalized murder that is abortion, there will be a price and it won’t be easy.

          Because of the revelatory videos last year exposing the heartless, brutal nature of Planned Parenthood, many people’s assumptions were challenged. The prolife movement was invigorated.  We held protests across the nation.  We built momentum. The end result, we hoped and expected, would be the defunding of that criminal organization. But what happened to our momentum? The whole thing collapsed. It all came to nothing.

          Early in January, the Republican-led congress sent a measure to Obama that would defund Planned Parenthood. Nearly all the Republicans, including my congressman Patrick McHenry of the NC 10th congressional district, voted for this bill. Good for them. But, everyone knew this vote was entirely symbolic because it was certain Obama would veto it. Symbolism is important. Congress made a statement. But symbolism and statements are not good enough when human lives are at stake, when our government is funding an organization that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

           The real votes on defunding PP came in a Continuing Resolution last fall and on the Omnibus Spending Bill that was passed on December 18. Congressman Mark Meadows from the 11th congressional district (most of WNC) voted against those bills, but McHenry voted FOR both of them, essentially voting FOR Planned Parenthood. PP celebrated over the last vote. Franklin Graham left the Republican Party. Simply, the majority of congressional Republicans want to look like they’re prolife, but they fell down when a measure of true substance was at stake. They’re are afraid to stand up to Obama and the press, because, of course, if Republicans use their God given authority called the “power of the purse” to suppress evil, then Obama will refuse to sign such budget measures and will allow the federal government to (partially) shut down again, and then he will blame Republicans. But, this was and is a winnable fight worth fighting!

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