Friday, July 24, 2015

Planned Parenthood's Cannibalism of Aborted Baby Body Parts & "HONK for Life"

We stood with these signs outside Asheville Planned Parenthood today, an abortion day.  More on this subject in a minute.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Planned Parenthood is selling baby body parts, and it shouldn’t even be an issue.  I mean, they are getting away with murder, and they have the government’s blessing and protection, plus literally Billions of dollars in public funding over the years, so why should it bother anyone that some good might come from the dead babies?  It’s not even at or below the level of grave robbers, those who once stole the cadavers of the recently deceased so that physicians and surgeons could study human anatomy, and eventually save lives.  In the case of abortion the mothers gave permission for the abortionist to kill their property (meaning, offspring), and if the body parts didn’t go to research etc, they’d just be incinerated.  What a waste.

Maybe what bothers us is Planned Parenthood’s callous indifference to innocent human lives, to the horrible, bloody nature of dismemberment, and to the chopping up and selling of parts. But should this surprise or shock us? I’d say not. When Planned Parenthood speaks on the record in public, their tactic is to evade, avoid, and euphonize, to talk about “a needed service,” “choice,” “birth control,” "tissue," and so on, or to simply change the subject by attacking pro-lifers.  We shouldn’t be shocked at all with their cavalier, cold-hearted or even jaunty macabre shop-talk when they think the public is not privy.

Why should this not bother us?  Because Planned Parenthood has been murdering prenatal children for decades.  We’ve known, but we’ve decided to look the other way. All it takes to know what really is happening is either by looking at a picture of an aborted baby, or at least using a little imagination, but that makes us uncomfortable. The killing of the child then is the real issue.  If we become callous about mass murder, the fresh awareness of Planned Parenthood’s cannibalization of small children may bother us for a little while, and then it won’t anymore. Problem solved. Back to normal. Nothing changes.

However, the recent revelation of the clear depravity of Planned Parenthood gives us an opportunity to do what should have been done a long time ago.  Cut off their taxpayer funding!  It doesn’t matter how much dubious “good” Planned Parenthood does with one hand, because they are killing children with the other. Cut them off. Let them squawk. 

Now, about "HONK for Life." This is a new campaign we just began today. Two of us, Michael and I stood along the busy McDowell Street in front of Planned Parenthood with these new signs.  Michael quit counting at 75, but I estimated 200 people honked during the 2.5 hours we were there.  We will release more information about the campaign in a week or so, but I will say, this is just a beginning. 


M.H............................ said...

Perhaps we can also organize a "flip side" campaign. I'll call it "Flip for Choice," which of course means to flip a bird, the solo middle finger, the international sign for aborting children.

Anonymous said...

If one cannot stand in front of Planned Parenthood with fellow pro-life people, then pray,pray,pray. Also, if you can, donate financially to Life Advocates.

Anonymous said...

I hope every single woman you harass at planned parenthood spits in your face

Anonymous said...

I hope every woman you harass spits in your face

M.H............................ said...

The commentator who says he/she/it hopes that women spit in our faces at Planned Parenthood is angry, and clearly supports others assaulting us. It's the violence you'd expect from people who support legalized murder. But since we don't harass women at Planned Parenthood, then the person's curse is irrelevant. We might, however, "harass" in self-defense someone, male or female, who spits on us. They'd be photographed, reported to the police, and prosecuted.