Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Planned Parenthood Person of the Day

She stopped in the road to take pictures of me. The goofy act was done as she blocks a busy Asheville street during the noon hour.


Celtic Cutie said...

Just think, if her mother had aborted her, we wouldn't have the pleasure of that goofy face she made.

M.H............................ said...

I do think the person is Peggy Frank. The last time (before this) I saw her was at the Asheville premier of Schindler's List, a viewing sponsored by the Jewish Community Center.

Damion Reilly said...

I notice you dont protest molestation of kids who are alive and suffering. You child molesting hypocrite. Can't wait to protest baby raping right beside you. I notice you left real quick this morning. Don't worry I'm gonna let all of asheville know your dark little secret child molester.