Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Planned Parenthood's 3% Lie

      One of the deceptions Planned Parenthood inflicts upon the public and its unwary donors is its claim that abortion only comprises 3%* of its medical services. Now if you count packets of condoms, a breast exam, or a STD test or treatment each as a “medical service”, then who’s to say this isn’t true?  But, as a popular Christian bloggers writes, lumping abortion in with these other services and counting them all equal is “like a car dealership selling 7 vehicles, as well as 7 sodas from the vending machine out front, and vaguely chalking it all up to ‘14 items sold’ for the day. Then imagine them stating that selling cars only accounts for ‘50 percent’ of their business, while the other half constitutes Diet Coke distribution.”

     Look at it from a different angle:  Planned Parenthood’s website says abortion costs between $300-950.  An average between them is $625. Multiplying that times 327,166 children aborted = $204,478,750.  Planned Parenthood’s non government medical revenue is $305,000,000.  So, how much of PP non-government medical revenue (fees and charges) is derived from abortion? (Divide 204.5 by 305.) It’s 67%!  This is how much money comes in from patients for 3% of its “medical services”.

     Total reported revenue for PP for the fiscal year ending June  30, 2013 was $1.2104 billion, which means that abortion provides 25% of all revenue.  Government funds amount to 45% of PP’s revenue.

     Even the liberal, pro-abortion-choice National Public Radio begrudgingly noted that the 3% can be misleading.  They pointed out on Talk of the Nation, March 8, 2011 at 2:57 pm ET, that the actual number of patients who abort children is 10%.  It’s more like 10.9% (Approx 3,000,000 patients /  # of abortings)

None of this includes the number of human beings destroyed by Planned Parenthood’s distribution of 1,590,133 emergency contraception kits, which is probably government funded, since PP lies when it says emergency contraception doesn’t cause abortion.

*PP statistical and financial data here is derived from its 2012-2013 annual report.

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