Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Building a Death Camp

This photograph was taken today at 16 McDowell Street in Asheville.

All appearances are that Beverly-Grant General Contractors is overseeing the remodeling work for Planned Parenthood’s planned new abortion facility.

Beverly-Grant’s website shows a number of construction projects that they can be duly proud of completing.  Undoubtedly the company and its projects merit the cited awards, recognition, and positive reviews from clients.  However, contributing to and enabling Planned Parenthood to kill pre-natal children will not be one of these. It will actually be a black mark on the company’s history, much as if they had built a death camp.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for killing more children than any other agency or business in the United States.  Despite its own publicity and the rhetoric of its supporters, abortion is its primary business, in dollar terms.  It also is the most aggressive and vicious activist for legal abortion and government funding of abortion.  Its so-called educational campaigns undermine the family and traditional values of sexuality. Some of its messaging has been said to be vile and obscene.  Any internet search will put you in touch with the unpleasant facts about Planned Parenthood.

There is no way this is worth the money.

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