Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Last Shift

"Anon Jim" left a comment with a link to this short article about a volunteer escort's last shift at the abortion place, "Femkill".  It appeared in the Asheville Blade on June 15.

It begins with an introduction by the publisher:

At the end of this month FemCare, currently the last clinic in the Asheville area providing abortion services, will close. Last year, the clinic was controversially shut down for nearly a month by NC inspectors during a fight about new state legislation sharply restricting access to abortion. For almost a decade, local activist, author and Pagan clergy member Byron Ballard worked as a volunteer escort, accompanying women in and out of the clinic to ensure their safety. Here she tells the story of her last shift. -DF

By Byron Ballard

Read the full article here.

I will post a reply soon.

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Dr. Frank said...


Thank you for your service. I also am in awe of looking at the stars and marvel that the Bible says "He made the stars, also."

I had a thought while reading your posts - are you able to obtain the names of the contractors building the klan parenthood office? If those were posted, a few people calling to inquire may have a profound effect. I would be willing to give them a call during lunch.