Thursday, November 6, 2008

Universal Man

by Meredith Eugene Hunt

a novel in three volumes
copyright 2009


[This description contains spoilers.]

As powers of life and death battle around him, a high school English teacher rises to a place of national leadership by simple courage, friendship, and love. Set in the near future in the Pacific Northwest, Universal Man follows the middle years in the life of Stan Timmons. After he marries a lovely young woman in Oregon, Stan is recruited by her father into an international underground organization, the Chinook Assembly, which is committed to restoring the true government of the United States. As part of its function, the Assembly arrests abortion doctors and tries and incarcerates them in South America. The novel also follows the story of Stan’s friend, Tommy Duckwitz, a talented Shakespearean actor in college. When Tommy’s girlfriend dies from abortion complications, Tommy seeks revenge. Soon after, he is cast into the real life role of an assassin of abortionists on a national stage. Stan and Tommy meet in a dramatic confrontation, and by this the Chinook Assembly is uncovered to the U.S. Government in Power (GiP) with shocking, violent results. As a result of his associations and decisions, Stan endures tragedy and loss, isolation, prison, and torture. He finds friends in unusual places. Through all this he discovers the way of Christ and emerges as a leader in a nation swelling toward civil war.

The novel is complete except for professional copy editing. I began writing this novel in year 2000. An Asheville artist has committed to allowing me to use three paintings as cover art. The anticipated length of the entire book after editing is 286,000 words. At 400 words per page, Volume One will be approximately 179 pages; Volume Two, 207; Volume Three should be 330 pages.

Written as a “contemplative thriller” combining elements of classic literature and contemporary story telling, Universal Man is an unflinching look at the most longstanding and divisive domestic phenomenon of our day. Universal Man plunges into depths of human corruption and suffering, but emerges into clear light that we could find by no other path.

Universal Man is an answer and antidote to “pro-choice” films and works of fiction and to pandemic propaganda/censorship in the mainstream news media.

Working full-time in the pro-life movement for 19 years, being the father of six children, loving beauty in nature and art, and growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have wide experience in the issues presented in the novel. I am presently writing a novel titled, Clouds Fall to Earth, a futuristic tale inspired by “steam punk”, about a people who have lived in the sky in dirigibles for a thousand years.

A full proposal for Universal Man is available upon request from potential significant donors toward self publishing, or from royalty publishers. My plan is to self publish, unless a major royal publisher expresses interest, which I do not expect.

Write to:

Life Advocates
P.O. Box 19205
Asheville, North Carolina 28815

Financial contributions to Life Advocates for the publication of Universal Man are deductible for income tax purposes. Profit from the sale of UM will support the work of Life Advocates.

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