Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Donald Miller & Barack Obama

Donald Miller, author of “Blue Like Jazz” and “Searching for God Knows What” apparently has endorsed Barack Obama. What follows are two entries that I posted on Miller’s official blogsite at http://donmilleris.com/ .

Entry One
When I heard that an evangelical [writer] named Donald Miller supported Barack Obama for president, I thought I had seen that name before and, sure enough, a well-worn book titled, “Searching for God Knows What” sat on my wife’s bedside table with a bookmark tucked in the middle. So, I checked to confirm the Obama story and found this blog. In the past few minutes I have leafed through the book, which up until now, had only been a familiar cover. What I have seen so far… supporting Barack Obama, who supports the legal killing of children in the womb, says that Donald Miller is at a minimum, a greatly confused man, and because of his extensive influence, a harmful man. He seems to represent an over-introspective, self-absorptive, emasculated Christianity. Quite likely I will be chucking the book into the trash. I can only think of two other books that have been on our home that merited this treatment: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, and Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. Lolita was simply pornographic. Jude portrays simply unremitting despair. And Donald Miller represents, simply, longstanding accommodation, to evil, an accommodation bred from de-sensitation to killing in the womb and the decline of our culture. And since I wrote the above, I have learned that Miller gave a benediction at the Democratic National Convention and he is on some kind of faith tour with Obama which suggests that, even worse, he engages in foolish collaboration.

Note: I am not a Republican.

Entry Two
Donald Miller is greatly confused about politics and especially about the politics of abortion, and being so he actually joined forces with those who are maintaining the legality of abortion! He doesn’t realize that the idea of “reducing the number of abortions” is a propaganda ploy to suck in the gullible. The “information” that abortion somehow decreased under Clinton and increased under Bush is, as he said, only a slice of the pie, if it is true, which I doubt, since I have heard committed pro abortion-choice people say the same thing. In the long-term, there are multiple policies which influence whether or not people kill their offspring, and Republican ideas, generally, conform to the most important policy, or rather principle, that human life begins at fertilization and that human beings bear the image of the Creator. Also, it is does not follow logically that because McCain/Palin (or Republicans) will not, supposedly, reduce abortion, that one must support Obama who, supposedly, will reduce abortion. A wiser man than Donald Miller would at least not become a pawn of the Democrats. Or, if he were uncertain about the Republicans, he would abstain from politics. The liberal Democrat and abortion-choice strategy is to foster an impression that they will reduce abortion (and the “need” for abortion) while making certain that abortion remains an absolutely fixed component of our culture forever. Democrats like Obama will ensure through the courts (by judicial appointments) that our laws will never change. Politics is messy, but truth is clear. The truth is that Barack Obama, because of his support for the killing of children in the womb is disqualified to be President of the United States. But, perhaps Mr. Miller can support Obama because he does not really understand abortion. Look at the website
www.abortionNo.org before you vote.

Miller is not so much a problem in himself. He is a product and an expression of a Church that has accommodated the killing of abortion for so long that it has adjusted its theology to make Christians feel comfortable. Rather than pay the price required to end the killing and transform our culture, we have just changed our perspective to “do what’s possible.” Our nation knew the price it would take to save civilization back in the 1940’s when we put an end to Nazi ambitions to conquer the world and annihilate all Jewish people. We defeated the Germans. People gave their lives. Behind the lines, people rescued Jews. Miller himself, in the one short passage I have (today) read in one of his books, "Searching for God..." said that he would participate in effort to kill Hitler. Many other people feel/felt the same way. One was a German officer who, when he was on the eastern front, saw lines of naked Jewish people lined up a the edge of a pit to be shot. (I saw this story on a PBS special.) He was so angry that he wanted to grab a machine gun and begin shooting his fellow soldiers, but he realized that he would only be killed immediately and not save anyone. But that’s when he joined a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, which as we know, failed. Years later, that German officer realized that there was a higher way in the face of such evil as the Holocaust. He realized that the only human way to respond to the horrible slaughter that he saw in Russia or Poland was to take off his clothes and get into the line. That is Christ’s way, and of course, practically no one is doing this now regarding abortion. No wonder the Republicans can do little in the political realm—they lack the example in the spiritual/human realm. The Democrat Party and Barack Obama are so far out of line on the murdering of children in the womb, that the only Christian political response to them is to consign them to defeat.


Dave said...

Is Obama a true Christian or a Muslim?
Does he really believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Can Obama pass the Jesus Test?

Take the Jesus Test to find out if you are a true Christian at http://www.sentforlife.com/jesus.html

Meredith Eugene Hunt said...

I looked over the sentforlife site and the test. In a word, as a farmer, I would say it's B.S. Classic Straw Man.