Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Etymology: Abortion IS Genocide

An examination of the appearances in English of the Greek root, genos, or the identical root in Latin, “gen” is insightful. Generation (and generate), genetics, genesis, engender, generous, generic, progeny—all of these strongly suggest that Greek/Latin meanings are not limited to “race” or “nation” (in which case the Greek word ethnos as in “ethnocide” would be more fitting), but actually may be closer to “origin,” or “creation,” or “beginnings,” or “descendents.” The National Geographic Society documentary, In the Womb, says that “fetus” means "offspring," and most online dictionaries agree. Progeny, with the root “gen” also means “offspring” in which case the term “genocide” applies EXACTLY to the killing of humans in their earliest stages of life.


Anonymous said...

Thats a clever piece of linguistic jujitsu and nothing else.

The term genocide was coined in reference to the book of Genesis in the Old Testament in which God slaughters almost the entire human race in an act of 'cleansing'. Genocide has nothing to do with humans in early stages of gestation.

Meredith Eugene Hunt said...

Jujitsu is an extremely effective method of fighting whereby a weaker person can force a stronger one into submission by means of choke and pain holds.

I don't think that this particular Anonymous knows what the word "coined" means. In any case he/she did not present any support or argument for his/her claims. Gen and Genos is all about "family." A pro-abortion-choice student at Georgia Tech recently gave me the word "genitals" as an example.