Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Legalized Destruction of Life"

Human life begins at fertilization and abortion kills small babies? Is this the ridiculous claim of a rabid anti-choicer?

No, it is the admission of a once practicing Asheville, North Carolina abortionist! What follows is an excerpt from an article (written by me) that appeared in the now defunct magazine, the Life Advocate. To see the whole article, go to: .
In the early days of this modern war against pre-born children, and when there yet was real debate, some raw truth sometimes leaked out in the mainline press. Never in the charged atmosphere of today would an abortionist publicly say what Asheville abortionist Arthur Sherman Morris, Jr. admitted back in 1976.

The admission appeared in a full page article on the front of the Asheville Citizen-Times' Community Life (Life?) section on Sunday, April 4, 1976, little more than three years after Roe v. Wade... The title of the article, written by Citizen-Times staff member Ginger Furness, was, "The Status of Abortion in Buncombe County."

When asked by the reporter "When does life begin?" abortionist Morris of Femcare, answered, "Life begins with fertilization and abortion is legalized destruction of life."

These other remarkable quotes appeared toward the end of the article: "Patients are told that abortion in the second trimester is accomplished by injecting a saline solution into the amniotic sac. Right-to-Lifers call it 'salt poisoning.' The fetus is killed and usually within 24 to 48 hours it is expelled from the body."

"Inducing a miscarriage is a bad trip," said Dr. Morris. "We tell the patients they will hurt; they'll experience cramps and bleeding. We tell her exactly like it is; we don't mince words, including when they abort, they'll be aborting a small baby."

"Dr. Morris and his associates administer the saline injections at Memorial Mission Hospital, then send the patient home to await the miscarriage. When she expels the fetus, she is instructed to bring it to the hospital. Any woman who did not know the fetus at this point would be a fully recognizable human infant would doubtless experience a devastating and permanent shock."


I have in my possession an actual copy of that 1976 newspaper.

Abortionist Morris is retired, and the last I heard is with poor health and little memory in a nursing home. The person who took his place (and bought the abortion business) is Lorraine “Lorrie” Cummings, M.D. Cummings, like her predecessor, sometimes makes strange confessions in public. What follows is a letter to the editor I wrote to the Asheville Citizen-Times, appearing in print June 1, 2007. The title of the letter, “View of violence depends on which side of fence one is on” supports exactly what my letter criticizes.

By close textual proximity, the commentary, “Abortion regains spotlight as polarizing cultural issue,” (AC-T, May 20), seems to suggest that the thrice-weekly peaceful pro-life presence outside the abortion site on Orange Street in Asheville is violent. It is common for the press and pro-legal-abortion commentators to project violence upon those who publicly and non-violently stand against the hideous, tragic violence of aborting children.

For a hint of this violence listen to Asheville abortion-M.D. Lorrie Cummings as quoted in the commentary: “There are times when there are 13-weekers and 14-weekers and the head is not accounted for. If you do an ultrasound and see that it’s still in there, then you have to go back as a separate procedure,” Cummings said. “People are worried that that is what they are going to call a ‘partial-birth,’ that part of the fetus was removed without the other part.

How macabre.

Cummings says that she only aborts up to 12-weekers, but she sounds like an expert on 13-14 weekers.

Those who wish to decrease the chance of violence in our community would do well to stop collaborating with the perpetrators.

That last line of my letter has a public meaning, but its private meaning may require an explanation. Someday, I hope to recount here a powerful story from the Holocaust about Collaboration v. Resistance.


Opa said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

As a former patient of Dr. Morris, and still patient of Dr. Cummings, it disturbs me that you reduce them to murderers. As to your implication that Dr. Cummings often performs 13 and 14 week abortions, you are completely wrong. When I was pregnant with my second child, there was a very good chance I would not survive the prgnancy, yet Dr. Cummings was very clear about only being able to offer me abortion services until the 12th week. I find it appaling that people like you will blog about things that you really don't understand. Abortion is a traumatic event for everyone involved, and the moral implications are a private matter between the mother and her God. Who are you to judge? At 12 weeks a fetus can not live outside the womb under any circumstance, that makes it a parasite, by definition. You may not like it, but it's the truth. I personally oppose abortion beyond week 18, as that is the point where a fetus can, with medical intervention, live outside the body of the mother, making it no longer the definition of a parasite. You would do well to educate yourself more, and stop relying on propaganda produced by the right to lifers.